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Attention: On November 14, 2015, the City Pairs Search application will be moving to a more secure https protocol and will discontinue the non-secured URL on a date to be determined in the near future. Plan ahead and bookmark your favorites now to avoid interruption. Please use the following URL to access the secured City Pairs Search application.


All fares are listed one-way and valid in either direction. Domestic fares include all existing Federal, State, and local taxes, as well as airport maintenance fees and other administrative fees. Domestic fares do not include fees such as passenger facility charges, segment fees, and passenger security service fees. For FY10 and beyond, international fares are exclusive of taxes and fees, but inclusive of fuel surcharge fees.

Disclaimer: The fuel surcharge and baggage fees are an estimate and may change prior to the date of travel. These estimates are provided based on current data and are updated regularly, to provide travelers an estimate of total airline travel costs.

Note: Fuel surcharge fees may be different in a particular market depending on the origin and destination city.

Please Note: This application has been tested on the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8.0 under Windows XP/Windows 7, Google Chrome 36 under Windows XP/Windows 7.